VHS Conversion

We are here for you, we can convert your vhs tapes to a DVD or BluRay.

Vhs conversion $7.50 per up to 2hr tape

Start converting your VHS tapes to DVD or Blu-ray today.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have:

  • We can convert VHS, photos, digital files, dv (video camera must have a usb port) to DVD or Blu-ray conversion
  • Can I receive digital files instead of the DVDs. Answer: Yes, but you must provide the medium
  • How much does it cost? I can transfer your vhs tapes to DVD for $7.50 per tape (up to 2hrs each). This does not include any repairs, editing or splicing.
  • I have several tapes that are not 2hrs long, can I combine them to make a 2hr tape? Answer: This would be considered editing and that I would charge a hourly fee. The hourly fee is $27.
  • How much does it cost if its longer then 2 hours on a single tape? Answer: The maximum per tape is 8hrs. So the cost for 8 hours tape would be $30 . This does not include any repairs or splicing needed . If a splice or repair is needed it is $32 per tape.
  • Can you do multiple tapes to blu-ray disc? Answer: Yes I can, but there is a 25G maximum per bluray disc. approx. (5-6) 2hr or less tapes for $30. This includes : 1. Label, and 2. case.
  • Do you edit the tapes as you convert them over? Answer: No, this service does not include any editing, special effects or shipping costs.
  • How can I reach you? Answer: You can text or call me at two six two six nine seven zero four zero eight, my name is Brian.
  • Can you edit my videos and how much does it cost? Answer: Yes I can and it will be $27/hr.
  • Can you also scan photos? Answer: Yes
  • Can you create a presentation of my photos or digital files on dvd and how much does that cost? Answer: Yes I can, but that would cost $20 per dvd and also depends on the size of the digital file or the number of photos provided.

Here are some answers to some of the myths you may have heard:

  • It's Fast!!!! FALSE!!!!! Correction: There is no fast technology to speed up the process. When you convert a 2 hour VHS to DVD it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to set-up, record and finalize.
  • The video quality will get enhanced in the copy process. Correction: FALSE!!! The DVD is a copy of the video tape and will look like the tape it was copied from.
  • Cutting Out The Parts I Don't Want Is Easy! Correction: FALSE!!! It is less expensive to record the videotape from beginning to end because once the video tape and DVD recorder is set-up the process does not require a video technician's time and attention until the recording is finished. Starting and stopping the DVD recorder and video tape to cut out the parts you don't want requires dedicated time throughout the real-time recording process.
  • It's Easy To "SAVE" My Old Neglected Video Tapes. Correction: FALSE !!! Most of the time old video tapes can be played but some tapes that have been stored in damp basements, garages, attics and warehouses have deteriorated to the point they can't be played.
  • Since I purchased the vhs tape or other media I can make as many copies as I want. Correction: FALSE!!! It does not give us the legal ability to make additional copies, even if the copy is another format such as DVD or CD. Almost all movies and music is copyright protected. TV programs are also copyright protected and making even one copy is prohibited by copyright law.You need written permission from the author and or publisher and special software and or hardware for additional charges

Common Criteria:

  • Length of Tape or File: 2hr or less
  • Price per VHS Tape up to 2hr in time length per cassette, you cannot combine multiple tapes: $7.50
  • Price per file up to 2hr in time length, you cannot combine multiple files: $12.50
  • Price per avi conversion to another video format up to 2hr in time length: $20
  • Large Qty Discounts.: Yes
  • Chapters: 5 minute chapters (skip ahead in 5 minute increments, if requested)
  • Prices are for straight Video Transfers with no editing involved.
  • Splices or repairs are $32 per tape.
  • Label put on dvd: Yes if information received is clearly written
  • dvd case or envelope provided: Yes if available
  • USA Region Formats Accepted only
  • Additional time and hourly cost to convert to another format. A 2hr video takes 2hr additional time to convert and cost $20 per 2hr conversion
  • If a splice or repair is needed it is $32 per tape
  • *** Please remember that if the vhs tapes are not rewound then there is a $5 charge per tape for rewinding to be able to record. ***

Basic DVD transfer : Acceptable Source Video Formats: VHS

  • Basic Blu-ray transfer: Price per Blu-ray: $30 How many VHS Tapes fit on one standard Blu-ray Disc: 5-6 (2hr or less tapes) Up to 25 hours of video per Blu-ray Disc: Yes
  • Basic Photo Transfers: Number of files: (depends on size) File Formats: png, tiff, gif, gmp, jpeg
  • Basic Digital File Transfer: Length of file: up to 2hr or less Acceptable Source Video Formats: AVI, WMV, mov, m4v Conversion format to: avi Additional time and hourly cost to convert to another format. A 2hr video takes 2hr additional time to convert and cost $20 per 2hr conversion
  • Basic External Drive Transfer: Acceptable Source Video Formats: AVI, WMV, mov, m4v
  • You can supply the external drive if you want or we can supply one. (hardware additional charge if we supply it)
  • My name is Brian and I can be reached at two six two six nine seven zero four zero eight.

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